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Who Makes Software Exploits

Security exploit, a security virus is a software program that is created by unscrupulous individuals to malicious affect personal or commercial computers to some bitter end.

This computer programs have one thing in common, it is known that all operating systems have one thing in common, in order to operate smoothly and give the authorised user of the computer systems a smooth user experience they have to be liberal in many areas, and unfortunately one of these areas is the area of security. These malicious programs exploit areas of the security protocols used many times in operating systems. Exploit watch seeks to provide information on the latest security exploits and how they can be fixed or patched.

In the last few years anti-virus software has been on the increase, this software acts like security guards security guards against all your files, how ever these programmers are also on the increase and are ever finding new ways to there end.

Software exploits

Software exploits are not made, they are built into the design of the ar...more

Tips for browsing internet safely

Can we live without internet? Absolutely not, internet means everything to us these days. Our business, source of entertainment, keeping in touch with friends and family, everything is done via internet. It is therefore crucially important that when you browse internet you do it safely.

What does browsing internet safely mean?
Now days, everything has become secure, hacking is not easy as it once used to be. Social networking sites have given a lot of importance to security and everything seems so foolproof. Directly hacking may not be so easy these days but there are enough things which can affect your privacy and online security.

Your Facebook account may not get hacked but if you open a page saying youve won million dollars a virus might hit your computer. People often focus their attention on bigger things and ignore the seemingly trivial things but that can be dangerous.

People who want to access your personal information do so in a style you cannot see through in the beginning. They collect your data by clever means like offering you money for giving out your mothers maiden name. These scammers form something like data sim cards which are full of your personal information. Imagine how they can use it against you.

How to browse internet safely?
There are simple points which you should note and practice reasonable precaution when you are online. Here are s...more

Hide Your Ip to Make Browsing Safe

IP address is a unique value which is assigned to every electronic device. This numerical value becomes your devices identity on the web. The IP address displays the location of your computer (or any other device) on the web.

Isnt hiding my IP unethical?
If you are hiding your IP for ulterior and questionable motives then certainly hiding IP is unethical. It wont be very polite of your to send anonymous emails, hack other peoples accounts, trick and fool other people into believing you are someone else. You can hide your IP address for many good reasons as well. The first and the foremost is the browsing the internet safely. Then you can access to content which is blocked in your country and there are various other positive grounds.

Why should I hide my IP address?
Like we stated before IP address is a unique value which is assigned to your computer. This address can reveal your geographical location and can allow people to track your internet activity. In other words your home and office security are placed at risk. To be safe and anonymous is one motive of hiding IP, accessing restricted content and information is the other primary purpose.

Who should I hide my IP address from?
When you are in chat rooms or other social n...more

Security: How Safe is Your Computer

A computer is a part of our lives these days; in fact it is like a part of our body. Socializing, business, entertainment and attaining information for these purposes internet is very dear to us. Consider the fact that what if something which as dear to you as your computer is not safe. It is an unfortunate reality.

Many people don't think that keeping an insecure PC is something trivial. But that is not the case, securing your PC and not giving hackers and viruses the way is of utmost importance.

When you browse on internet the risk multiplies. In fact is on the web that your PC is most exposed and vulnerable. It is your job to have something protecting your PC, something like guard dogs and watchmen.

In order to achieve security for your PC, here are some steps you can take.

Install reliable antivirus software

Antivirus software is a must if you want your PC protected. Your computer is simply not saf...more

Security: How to Protect Your Computer

There is no denying that viruses can harm your computer. If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you probably already know that they enter your system the moment you let your guard done. There is a widespread speculation that MAC users are safe from viruses, which is not true. MAC users are less likely to get affected but viruses but they are not entirely safe.

To avoid viruses - which can make system slow and corrupt files and programs, you can use antivirus detection methods to counter them. Here are some steps you can take to detect and ultimately remove viruses.

Notice the processing speed of your computer
If your computer has contracted a virus, it is very likely that the speed of your computer will become slow. People sometimes ignore it thinking that computer is bound to take time while processing. However, you should be alarmed the moment you notice that the speed of your computer has decreased. Observe the computer files to see if any is missing Most of the times there is one person who uses the PC, and even if other people use it, they are close to you and you mostly know what they do on your computer. If you are a void property security and you see some files are missing, do not treat it is a trivial mistake by operating system. If thats the case, it is likely that your system has contracted a virus.

Take note of error messages
If you are receiving far too many e...more