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Hide Your Ip to Make Browsing Safe

IP address is a unique value which is assigned to every electronic device. This numerical value becomes your devices identity on the web. The IP address displays the location of your computer (or any other device) on the web.

Isnt hiding my IP unethical?
If you are hiding your IP for ulterior and questionable motives then certainly hiding IP is unethical. It wont be very polite of your to send anonymous emails, hack other peoples accounts, trick and fool other people into believing you are someone else. You can hide your IP address for many good reasons as well. The first and the foremost is the browsing the internet safely. Then you can access to content which is blocked in your country and there are various other positive grounds.

Why should I hide my IP address?
Like we stated before IP address is a unique value which is assigned to your computer. This address can reveal your geographical location and can allow people to track your internet activity. In other words your home and office security are placed at risk. To be safe and anonymous is one motive of hiding IP, accessing restricted content and information is the other primary purpose.

Who should I hide my IP address from?
When you are in chat rooms or other social networking sites which you think are insecure, you should hide your IP address. When you feel that someone is interested in hacking or tracking your internet activities, you should conceal your IP.
Sometimes journalists and reporters hide their IP before they send out an email they dont want to be traced.

How do I hide my IP address?
Hiding your IP is quite simple these days. You can just type hide my IP address is any search engines and they will direct you to countless websites. These websites will ask you to download their IP hiding software. After installing the software, you can browse anonymously or under an IP from another company. There are manual ways as well but the above mentioned is the easiest one.