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Security: How to Protect Your Computer

There is no denying that viruses can harm your computer. If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you probably already know that they enter your system the moment you let your guard done. There is a widespread speculation that MAC users are safe from viruses, which is not true. MAC users are less likely to get affected but viruses but they are not entirely safe.

To avoid viruses - which can make system slow and corrupt files and programs, you can use antivirus detection methods to counter them. Here are some steps you can take to detect and ultimately remove viruses.

Notice the processing speed of your computer
If your computer has contracted a virus, it is very likely that the speed of your computer will become slow. People sometimes ignore it thinking that computer is bound to take time while processing. However, you should be alarmed the moment you notice that the speed of your computer has decreased. Observe the computer files to see if any is missing Most of the times there is one person who uses the PC, and even if other people use it, they are close to you and you mostly know what they do on your computer. If you are a void property security and you see some files are missing, do not treat it is a trivial mistake by operating system. If thats the case, it is likely that your system has contracted a virus.

Take note of error messages
If you are receiving far too many error messages and some unusual error messages, the safest guess is that your PC is infected. Whenever a virus strikes, this is probably the first thing you will experience. Files will become corrupt and whenever you click on something, it will display an error message.

Use virus scanning software.
The advisable thing would be to acquire paid and pro virus scanning software. If the scanning software is any good, it will detect all the infections and also cure them. Free scanning software do not work very well.