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Who Makes Software Exploits

Security exploit, a security virus is a software program that is created by unscrupulous individuals to malicious affect personal or commercial computers to some bitter end.

This computer programs have one thing in common, it is known that all operating systems have one thing in common, in order to operate smoothly and give the authorised user of the computer systems a smooth user experience they have to be liberal in many areas, and unfortunately one of these areas is the area of security. These malicious programs exploit areas of the security protocols used many times in operating systems. Exploit watch seeks to provide information on the latest security exploits and how they can be fixed or patched.

In the last few years anti-virus software has been on the increase, this software acts like security guards security guards against all your files, how ever these programmers are also on the increase and are ever finding new ways to there end.

Software exploits

Software exploits are not made, they are built into the design of the architecture of the computers operating system, in the same way that burglary often exploit the weakness of doors and windows built into a house, the house needs doors and windows to in order to functions, therefore although the security exploits exist, to some point they can be fortified as such in the latest software operation systmes, where the kernel is not as vulvnerable. The infrastructure of modern operating system is more securre, but is makeing more allowances for trojan horses.